Riding Into Adventure is an all-girl environment that invites girls to participate in a variety of creative physical activities (with a focus on biking), to challenge themselves, to build their confidence, meet new friends and have fun. This camp will give girls the tools to be physically active, connect, build confidence and leave feeling empowered.   Riding Into Adventure includes a variety of fun and creative physical activities including; biking, hiking, survival skills and more. The ultimate goal is to help girls discover that active living can be fun.  We will show the girls that they are strong enough to overcome fears, set goals, be active, celebrate successes and develop confidence when facing peers.

Riding Into Adventure is a day camp where girls are empowered to:

Learn how to set and work toward personal goals
Seek new challenges and build a fail forward attitude
Change the way they talk to themselves to be more positive
Make friends – and have a ton of fun
Find their voice and increase their confidence
All in a safe, supportive, inclusive space.

Physical activity is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and contribute to a lifetime of health. In a fun, non-competitive environment girls participate in physical activities that support them in their personal development and enjoy adventures with their peers making memories to last a lifetime.  Healthy, happy girls make strong, successful leaders and build stronger communities.

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