Brand new to mountain biking? Haven’t been out for a few years? This is the course for you! We will go over the basics such as body position, vision, braking and more. The focus of the 2.5 hour session is to make sure you feel comfortable on your bike! The more comfortable you feel the more confidence you will have and the more enjoyable getting out riding will be!

  • Body position

  • Bike body separation

  • Shifting

  • Basic climbing and descending


Already have some experience on the bike? Came to the fundamentals course and are feeling good, feeling like you are ready to keep progressing? This 2.5 hour session will take all the fundamental skills to the next level. Using the basics we will move into more technical skills that will allow you to start riding on more technical terrain with confidence and ease.

  • Review of basics

  • Straight line riding

  • Cornering and switchback basics

  • Climbing and descending dismounts